November 28, 2020

Hey folks, sorry about my inability to keep my page current, but I’m old and still work for a living. I’ve got to finish HEARTS AND SOULS and get it released by Christmas. Wish me luck.

I’ll not get political here so as the saying goes “If you can’t say anything nice…” You know the rest.

I will say this…There is reality and then there’s fantasy. Cops are realists. Everything is black or white, right or wrong. No grey areas. Utopia is a myth. Our politicians are promising a Utopian life for us. It’ll never happen. They lie simply to benefit themselves. Democrats or Republicans. It’s like someone said about left wing and right wing. It’s the same bird. Don’t forget that there’s just life. So get going. Read. And read everything you can put your hands on. Be open to new things but remember…everything is black or white, right or wrong. No grey areas.

Published by bloodmagnolia

I'm a retired cop. I got out while the gettin' was good. Not a place I need to be . . . not in today's environment. I still work as a security supervisor in Memphis, Tennessee. I have three dogs: Jo (19 year old Dachshund) Luci (4 1/2 year old half bull mastiff and half cane corso mastiff) and Ethel (Luci's younger sister - same mom and pop). Married to Kim Davis for 18 years. Kids are all grown - never see them. Writing novels. REAPER'S RAIN, CURSE OF THE VOODOO MOON, BLOOD MAGNOLIA, DIXIELAND, MUDDY MISSISSIPPI BLUES and the soon to be released HEARTS AND SOULS. I also authored an article in the May 2015 issue of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE MAGAZINE titled DETER, DETECT, REACT The ESSENCE OF DIGNITARY PROTECTION.

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