5/20/2020: Finished rough draft of HEARTS AND SOULS

I will be ordering proof copies soon. Gunny has agreed to be one of my proof-readers!

Published by bloodmagnolia

I'm a retired cop. I got out while the gettin' was good. Not a place I need to be . . . not in today's environment. I still work as a security supervisor in Memphis, Tennessee. I have three dogs: Jo (19 year old Dachshund) Luci (4 1/2 year old half bull mastiff and half cane corso mastiff) and Ethel (Luci's younger sister - same mom and pop). Married to Kim Davis for 18 years. Kids are all grown - never see them. Writing novels. REAPER'S RAIN, CURSE OF THE VOODOO MOON, BLOOD MAGNOLIA, DIXIELAND, MUDDY MISSISSIPPI BLUES and the soon to be released HEARTS AND SOULS. I also authored an article in the May 2015 issue of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE MAGAZINE titled DETER, DETECT, REACT The ESSENCE OF DIGNITARY PROTECTION.

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